About us 

We started this project to share our love to the Philippines. Me, Max and Olga are from Russia and Ukraine, but we found our home here in Negros Island and open our business Caus Planet Inc. Philippine nature, wildlife and people give us so much inspiration that we called our online project: inspireby.ph We live in Dumaguete City and mostly our product connected with this location. We are making designer product which bring people joy and happiness and we want to do more together with Filipino people.  

Meet our team

Team inspiredby.ph  


Designer/Shop manager

Hi, I'm Jane and I do managing of our online shop and administrate Instagram and Facebook pages. Apart from managing I also do the design of our product and advertising. If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions regarding our philippine project please contact me.

Feel free to reach me through Facebook or e-mail: support@inspiredby.ph

Team inspiredby.ph  


Shop assistant

Hello, my name is Jhey and I'm from Zamboanga city. I accept orders and payment in our online shop. You can ask me any questions about your order. I also manage wholesale orders.

You can reach me through Facebook or e-mail: sales@inspiredby.ph



I'm making all photos for postcards and for marketing. I'm specialized on aerial drone photography, studio photography, 3D and video. 

You can follow me in Instagram and Facebook.

Team inspiredby.ph



I have graduated university degree for Illustration and Graphic design and have a huge experience of creating cute characters and illustrations. Any ideas about Philippine art you can share with me by e-mail: creative@inspiredby.ph

You can follow my art in Instagram and Facebook.




Hi, I'm Angelo and I'm from Zamboanga City. I am greatly fascinated with the wild animals, specially the sea creatures, including the corals. I draw them to show to the public how beautiful they are and that they are not meant to be hurt by humans. I want to be an advocate to protect the wildlife with my art. In the future, i'm hoping for my art to gain more audience and spread awareness in wildlife protection.

You can follow my art in Instagram and Facebook.

Calligraphy artist from Dumaguete  


Calligraphy artist

Hello, I'm Kat from Dumaguete City. I enjoy making things with my hands, and I especially love arts and crafts. Since the day I learned calligraphy, I'm amazed with its versatility. It's a great way to make all things beautiful. And even beautiful writing can bring joy to people, which is what inspires me to keep doing it. As an art, calligraphy can be a voice that can cause change in this world. This is a goal that I'd like to achieve one day.

I also share my calligraphy through workshops. When I'm not doing calligraphy and art, I also do photography and graphic design.

I continue to explore more crafts where I can use together with my calligraphy to keep things fresh and reach more people to inspire.

You can follow my work on Facebook and Instagram.




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